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Oct 2, 2012 5:00pm PDT
salmonella is being recalled here in the united states. >> this is perfecting. health authorities warn hundreds of people in that country and united states have been sickened after eating the smoked salmon. here in the u.s. it's sold at costco stores under the kirkland store brand name and this is by one estimate, one out of -- we've stip head here, cost tow pulled this product from shelves and the store says there is no independent confirmation and health officials say they're looking into it but only just begun z by one estimate eight out of 10 women are wearing the wrong bra size. they don't know it this, expert says brau bra manufacturers trying to convince women their backs are smaller and breasts, bigger but what used to be a 36 d and now a 32 g what. do you need to do to get the right fit? >> this shutd be between your elbow and shoulder, if you're lower then it's too loose in the back. >> she recommends getting fitted and replace every six month autos stop by television rooms and chances are the sales person will try to sell you on benefits of a 3 dtv. so far amount of pro
Oct 4, 2012 5:00pm PDT
mean that for trouble. >> in the united states navy chifry is not dead. >> and san francisco is hosting six sporting and social events this weekend. and there is hardly strictly blue grass festival. the giants open playoffs saturday night and there is whatever that you want to attend you're advised to get there, early. >> and i just wish there is something to do. >> i saw tourists posing for pictures and this is so nice. >> yes it's fun to appreciate what the military does for us. >> absolutely. we didn't have clear skies but there is good looking weather for what is happening. there is just checking them out this afternoon. here is a live picture from our south beach camera. you can see blue skies and clouds. good looking weather. there is another live picture. 76 the high today, normally there are 78 degrees so running close in the south bay there is a fog layer deepening to 3,000 feet now down to 2000. we've seen clearing here as you can see from san francisco bay. and temperatures now into 06s at the coast. there are 60s and 70s inland valleys. there is most of the bay area
Oct 16, 2012 5:00pm PDT
center. one of those who will give remarks today as i said is libyan ambassador to the united states and the man state department has chosen to investigate thomas pickering will address the crowd. california senator feinstein, congress woman barbara lee will honor the memory of the slain ambassador as will former secretary of state george shultz. those with spoke to say is a fitting tribute. >> i served two years in prague. i appreciate all he did. >> he was just a wonderful person. he joked we could call him your excellence yensy when he became ambassador. he was the last person expected to be treated differently. >> he treated people well. >> that woman was a close friend for more than 20 years. she flew in from washington, d.c.. the family going to have a private ceremony later this month in grass valley where christopher stevens was born. thank you. >> we're streaming the service on our web site abc 7 there, you can find a link to learn more about ambassador stevens and leave your messages of support. >> a top aide says the president feels he is the man responsible for the
Oct 25, 2012 5:00pm PDT
kinds of stars in the stadium. among them, united states marine corporal nicholas kimmel. probably not a household name but he lost both arms, i'm sorry. both legs and his left arm if afghanistan. he threw out the first pitch tonight. there is a paramedic in los angeles nearly beaten to death before the start of the first game at the end of the first game of the 2011 season. so a lot of people and tauss being -- causes being recognized inside of the stadium tonight. >> thank you so much. how about that pablo sandoval, huh? it made him a popular guy in san francisco and a national hero in his native convenient swaila. president chavez tweeted about him. larry beil is more on the day after. >> thank you. >> whatever pablo is eating i want some. consider he's done that in only 14 games. the panda hit just 12. power surge propelled giants to a victory in game one making for a very busy night because his phone would not stop buzzing. >> were you hearing after that game? >> 300 text messages. so saying hi to people. you know? during the game. the friends, the family. you know? to be part of
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4